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Jay and Silent Bob on a 37 dollar bill labeled In Smod We Trust

Dear Crypto Kids!

Thank you to everyone who made our first drop a big success!

If you snagged a Jay & Silent Bob Reboot Smokin’ Token, not only do you have a wicked little NFT… You also hold a key! A key that’ll open a door in the very near future!

If you bought a Bluntman and Chronic Issue 1 Comic Cover NFT with amazing art by Captain Ribman, you’ve bought the first in our Comi-Covers series! Wait until you see the cover for Drop 2!

If you caught a KillRoy Was Here Preview NFT, hold onto it - because it’s bound to go up in value when we auction the KillRoy Was Here Movie NFT this year!

And if you won one of the Platinum Smokin’ Tokens, congrats! Your Crypto Cameos in CLERKS III awaits you!

The June drop will feature another round of Smokin’ Tokens (this time commemorating 2001’s Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back), a second Bluntman and Chrnoic Comi-Cover, the crypto debut of SMartist Nate Gonzales, out first photo NFT from Josh Gray depicting the day Jason Mewes and were cemented in the courtyard of the Chinese Theater, and auctions for the last of our Platinum Smokin’ Tokens!

Kevin Smith
Jay and Silent Bob's Crypto Studio

Jay and Silent Bob Chinese Theater

Depicts the moment Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith added their hand and feet prints to the legendary Chinese Theater Courtyard, alongside of the movie biz’s biggest names!

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Smokin' Tokens #1 Come in Four Colors:

Weed Green! Indica Orange! Bluntman Purple! Mooby Yellow!

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Then There's the Super Rare Fifth Color:

The Platinum Smokin' Token! This small run rewards the bearer with a cameo in the next Jay and Silent Bob feature, CLERKS III (shooting this summer)!

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And as a special bonus drop, J&SBCS presents:


Featuring a preview of the forthcoming first film in history to be sold exclusively as an NFT!

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Available April 21st
An open minting of

Bluntman and Chronic Classic Cover #1

By John "Captain RibMan" Sprengelmeyer

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Available April 21st

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